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Holdrege Community Links

  • Holdrege Chamber of Commerce

    Holdrege Chamber of Commerce

     In 1904, a group of Holdrege businessmen gathered to talk about the benefits of working together for their common good and the good of the community.
    Holdrege was 20 years old, growing and prosperous. If they pooled resources, they reasoned, they could do far more than any of them could on their own. 

  • Visit Phelps County – Phelps County Visitors Committee

    Visit Phelps County – Phelps County Visitors Committee

     Once you get beyond the noisy congestion of the big cities and out into the country around Holdrege and Phelps County, something happens. Your senses open up and you realize how fresh the air is and how big the sky seems. You start to notice birds singing. People give you a little wave from the steering wheel and smile when they pass you on the street. You feel yourself starting to relax. 

  • Nebraska Prairie Museum

    Nebraska Prairie Museum

    The Nebraska Prairie Museum, in Holdrege, Nebraska, has an exceptionally fine collection displayed on over one acre of indoor exhibits. Inside, the museum is spacious and inviting. Visitors can view collections of period clothing, antique toys, farm equipment, tools and household items, a unique WWII German Prisoner Of War exhibit room, and much more! 

  • Phelps County Government

    Phelps County Government

     Holdrege is lucky to have two beautiful parks, North and South, and they are beautiful on this Nebraska holiday, Arbor Day. I LOVE TREES. I like to stop and take pictures of trees. I think they represent the meaning of life in a way. For a strong life you need a good foundation, the roots… 

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